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The School of Andrology by Doctor Leshunov E.V.

November 1, 2019

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The School of Andrology, one of the most exciting events dedicated to the functional and esthetic correction of the male reproductive system, was organized by the Multimed Company on November 1, 2019.

We express our gratitude to the author of the course and the speaker Yevhen Leshunov (urologist, andrologist, plastic surgeon, full member of ISAAM, Russian Society of Urology, Professional Association of Andrologists of Russia, ESSM, WOSIAM). It is impossible to imagine more deep and useful information in the field of andrology than that presented at the course.

The first part of the work program was focused on the issues of strategy and tactics of modern anti-age therapy, methods of evaluation of aging processes, preventive approach to reproductive and sexual function.

Methods of treatment and correction of the urogenital area were viewed. The speaker shared his experience in hormone and diet therapy for aged men.

The second half of the course was entirely devoted to practicing and hands setting using the following methods:

  • PRP therapy
  • Thread correction + plasma therapy
  • Correction using filler with hyaluronic acid

The listeners had the opportunity to put the gained knowledge into practice on their patients, as well as to take advantage of the live video broadcast from the operating room.

The procedures were performed using only professional and certified materials under the direct control of the speaker.

Plasmotherapy for patients was performed using medical vacuum tubes manufactured by MM Medic.


  • urodynamic disorders (BPH, chronic prostatitis). Rehabilitation after prostate surgery. Plasma therapy can shorten the rehabilitation period and normalize urination.
  • genital herpes. Genitourinary infections and the elimination of painful urination. PAP injections increase local immunity, leading to reduction of treatment period and elongation of remission period.
  • Peyronie’s disease. Plasma eliminates the growth of fibrotic tissue, normalizes the blood supply and metabolic processes. Due to growth factors, fibrous tissue is replaced by healthy penile tissue.
  • sexual dysfunction. The body restores the lost amount of cells, cellular structures and life cycle stages.

The INTIMATE FILLING method was implemented using the dense Pluryal Volume hyaluronic volumetric filler. The effect after contouring plastic lasts about a year.


  • enlargement of the penis head
  • enlargement of the penis body

Thread CORRECTION was carried out using the Aptos Spring Blunt (non-absorbent spiral filaments made of polypropylene)

Indications: creation of ribbed effect.

Special thanks to our partners TOP Cosmetics for the materials, provided for the practice, the place, provided for the event and for the warm and welcoming atmosphere.

And we are waiting for you on new informative courses and activities from the best speakers for the best doctors.

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