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What types of test tubes are there?

PPP is a disposable sterile vacuum test tube with an anticoagulant sodium heparin and a thixotropic gel. These test tubes are easy to use: vacuum blood sampling is comfortable for both the patient and the operator, and the separation gel reliably separates the plasma from red blood cells during centrifugation.

PRP – test tube with anticoagulant ACD-A. The test tube is designed to obtain PRP, platelet-rich plasma, in which platelet number is 2–9 times more than in whole blood. Plasma with a lower platelet concentration is not PRP. The obtaining of various types of PRP is determined by the application of the appropriate protocol. The choice of PRP type is conducted individually according to the algorithm of personalized therapy.

iPRF is a disposable sterile vacuum test tube without anticoagulants and other additives. The test tube is designed to obtain autologous platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), which is used to stimulate the reparative processes of skin tissues, mucous membranes.

In our work, we use MM Medic test tubes. All types of tubes comply with the requirements of the Technical regulations for medical devices, approved by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 753 of 02.10.2013 (With changes).


How to get platelet plasma?

The platelet plasma production algorithm is very simple:

1. Take training – you will understand the mechanics of the effects of plasmotherapy and the technology of obtaining plasma with the necessary composition.

2. Use test tubes that have been tested and certified in order to protect your patients from unpredictable consequences.

3. Get plasma of the required composition, according to the technology and recommendations of the manufacturer of medical tubes.


Does the procedure cause cell growth, in particular cancer cells?

Platelet growth factors work only on the somatic membrane. They are an external membrane activator. They have no effect on cancer cells, as confirmed by repeated studies.


Why are there more platelets in citrate test tubes?

Test tubes with an ACD-A anticoagulant and without a separation gel can be centrifuged at lower revolutions, with less acceleration G. These parameters make it possible to obtain a sufficient platelet concentration for PRP therapy.

Test tubes containing separation gel are centrifuged at double acceleration (compared with PRP tubes). And because of the high revolutions, part of the platelets remains in the sediment and on the gel itself.


Why is the injection of PRP plasma painful and PPP plasma is not?

The reason is sodium citrate, which is an anticoagulant and is contained in a tube for PRP therapy.

Due to sodium citrate in PRP tubes, the Ph level is lower than in PPP and PRF – 7.4 (PRP) against 7.6 (PPP and PRF). In addition, citric acid is present in the anticoagulant composition. These 2 factors affect the painfulness of the procedure.

But the ACD-A solution retains the properties of platelets in the highest quality. It is specially designed to prevent coagulation of the obtained blood and to preserve platelet growth factors in a “working” state.


Why are MM Medic test tubes suitable for plasma therapy and what are their advantages?

Firstly, MM Medic tubes are medical devices and are suitable for InVivo methods. Secondly, they are certified in Ukraine, and their use in medical practice takes place completely in the legal field. Thirdly, 3 types of tubes completely cover the requirements for plasmotherapy, depending on the indications.


At what age can a plasmotherapy procedure be carried out?

According to indications, plasmotherapy is performed for patients from 18 years of age. Patients under 18 years of age require written permission from parents or guardians.


Do I need a permission to use a plasmotherapy procedure?

In order to apply the plasmotherapy method in Ukraine in your own practice, special permission is not required. The regular medical license – a document providing the right to conduct medical practice, is required.

A license can be obtained by both an individual and a legal entity. If you are engaged in private practice, then to obtain a license you will need to provide a document confirming higher medical education. If you have a medical facility, then staff with a higher medical education is required.


Why you can not use the standard/laboratory test tubes?

Laboratory test tubes are intended only for blood composition studies in the laboratory. They have anticoagulants of completely different quality, and there are no special requirements for sterility, since blood is taken from a person for keeps and is disposed after research.

Completely different requirements are imposed on In Vivo test tubes – production, sterilization, packaging, composition and quality of anticoagulant purification. Because the blood after processing, in one form or another will be infused back to the patient. And the doctor’s task is to ensure the safety of the procedure (we will talk about effectiveness next time).

Therefore, laboratory test tubes are for laboratory research. Medical tubes are for InVivo manipulations, including plasmotherapy.


Why are there a precipitate/flakes/ turbid plasma?

Good valuable platelet plasma should be a little turbid – this indicates that the plasma has a sufficient number of platelets for PRP therapy (increased by 2 or more times).

If the plasma has the form of a clear amber-colored liquid, it is platelet-poor plasma (PPP). It contains many useful substances for regeneration, but there are few platelets in it, and it is not suitable for PRP therapy.

Learn how to get PPP and PRP and in what cases they are applying in courses.

If the flakes and whiteness of the liquid are observed in the plasma, these are the consequences of drinking alcohol, having fatty or simply unhealthy food. Therefore, it is recommended to refuse of having fatty, fried, overly spicy food and strong alcohol in 2-3 days before procedure. It is recommended to consume a sufficient amount (daily rate) of pure water.

In addition, on the eve of the procedure, you should refrain from hard physical exercises, since the release of metabolic products (lactic acid) also does not very well affect the composition of the plasma.


Why are MM Medic test tubes centrifuged for 10 minutes and Plasmolifting only 5 minutes?

This is due to the characteristics of the separation gel in test tubes. MM Medic tubes can also be centrifuged for 5 minutes, but there is a risk that the gel will not work correctly. Therefore, we recommend spinning as recommended by the manufacturer.


What do your certificates give the doctor? Why should I choose you?

Multimed is the official authorized representative of MM Medic (manufacturer of test tubes). The certificate issued by our company guarantees to the patient that the doctor has been trained and applies the plasmotherapy technique in compliance with the technology, having the knowledge and skills to obtain the necessary platelet count in accordance with the clinical picture of the patient. Also uses in its practice test tubes registered in accordance with Ukrainian legislation.